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Ghana’s Next Super Model

In the search for Africa’s finest, Ghana is joining the rest of the world to find Ghana’s Next Super Model in a Reality TV Show Ghana’s Next Super Model Reality TV show. Contestants must be between the ages of 16 and 26.

Ghana’s Next Super Modeloriginated from Nigeria’s Next Super Model which is Africa’s premier modeling contest.   Nigeria’s Next Super Model is known to remodel young girls into international models and the success story includes 11 years, 11 Brand New Cars, several international modeling contracts and several young girls turned into international professional models, such as Bunmi AdemokoyaAisha BelloImade Ogbewi, etc.

Ghana’s Next Super Model contest is set to make every prospective model’s dream come true. Each and every applicant of GNSM will given a platform for expression and then the ones with the highest prospects are selected and sent to the camp which is the most exciting part of the contest. The selected contestants have the camp to themselves which usually is a 5-star accommodation with relevant infrastructure, chaperones and visits to the camp by celebrities and artists are one of the high points. The activities on camp are used for the reality show which is mostly aired on selected TV stations across the world (both cables and Internet), also via the NNSM TV Channel .



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Couture Sans Pareil

You are invited to come support me and my collection “Couture Sans Pareil” tonight at the  Private Fashion Party at the Vienna city of Accra ,I am showcasing on the runway. You don’t want to miss such a memorable night. Be there!!! It’s only one night in California😉 #sparkzuta int models rock.

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